August 1, 2009

Good Eats and Best Treats in Phoenix

Good Eats and Best Treats in Phoenix:

1. AJ's Fine Foods: for $2 Ice Tea
2. Cibo: Its Urban Pizza - what that means.. it's great Italian food served up in the cutest renovated house on 5th avenue down town, I love this place!
3. La Grande Orange: all i have to say... commuter sandwich
4. Hana: Japanese eatery with the best sushi in phoenix I always order the spicy tuna, of course, and a can of their green tea (:
5. Sierra Bonita Grill: Not only is it the absolute local eatery for central phoenix, they're serving up amazing carne asada (: If you go you have to order the guacamole... and of course the staff there is the best - word has it they'll be having a farmers market Monday evenings starting in November
6. Tammy Coe Cakes: Amazing treats and delicious cakes. Really. You must try them.
7. Filibertos: Nothing better than bean and cheese burrito for under 5 bucks (I prefer shredded lettuce and lots of hot sauce in mine)
8. 5&Diner: I mean is there anywhere else to go after 9pm? Besides you can be sure every time you go you'll walk away with a new decorated diner hat, have had a reunion with some old friend you haven't seen in ages, and slurped up a delicious shake
9. Palette: Breakfast anyone? Located in the Cavness House, a historic home with a cute front porch and a yard that functions as one big patio, the restaurant has a laid-back setting.
10.Simply Bread: Best bread in Phoenix by far (besides my mother's). I have to tell you to try the raison challah.. its so yummy