November 29, 2009

technics no more?

"The DJing community and the greater dance music scene mourns the loss of a clubbing staple today. No, Steve Aoki hasn’t hung up his record bag, but rather news has emerged that iconic turntable manufacturers Technics will be stopping production on their universally loved Technics 1200s and Technics 1210s."

Check the rumors here

November 28, 2009


I love knobs!!! you can find amazing ones at Anthropologie and there is a store on nachalat binyamin I found that has great hand-painted ones.

Craig Ward

Craig Ward is a London based designer and illustrator who likes playing with words. You must see more of his stuff online. It was impossible to post it here but he's doing some really nice work.

See more of his work here:

ink and water don't mix

(Craig Ward)

This is a shout out for Reshef who loves this kind of work as much as I do....

November 24, 2009

post secret

If you haven't read postsecret recently.. do it.. it's always entertaining and inspiring.

November 23, 2009


Just liked this book....

ABC3D was designed by Paris-based graphic designer, Marion Bataille. This pop-up book has a fun lenticular cover and other clever little surprises inside. I especially love the way she handled E & F, Q & R and V & W.


November 21, 2009

String Quartet

Saturday while walking along the tayelet (boardwalk) in Tel Aviv... I saw a string quartet. It was so beautiful, four old men playing classical pieces with the sun setting on the Mediterranean Sea.

November 17, 2009

Pictures Reframed

Robin Rhode is a South African artist, born in Cape Townbut now based in Berlin, Germany. His work brings aspects of performance, happening, drawing, film and photography together to register the traces of poverty and social inequality in the world. Has teamed up with leading Norwegian composer and most respected modern-day classical pianistn, Leif ove Andsnes.

Together they are working on Pictures Reframed, a concert which is currently on tour. Is described to be a “wild narrative for a person walking into an exhibition and he crashes into the first picture and is faced with various strong images and textures. Later in the cycle he becomes a part of the picture and it takes on so many aspects. It’s psychologically challenging.”

The White Ribbon

The White Ribbon is this years winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannes. This movie from Austrian filmaker Michael Haneke is a bit lighter than his usual punishing style focusing on the failures of modern society. It is set in 1913 Germany and is said to be "partly a philosophical detective story, partly an archaeology of modern German society, examining a generation of children who, two decades on, would prove a very baleful force indeed." I want to watch this film so if you know where I can see it.. tell me...

Koh not Coco

Terence Koh, an artist known as much for his extraordinary wardrobe (monkey-fur coats, metal Balenciaga leggings) as his out-there work, has lately turned his attention to fashion. Following a T-shirt collaboration with Opening Ceremony (love it!) last summer, Mr. Koh has now designed white leather Converse sneakers, stripped down and smoothed out for a minimalist effect.

“I wanted to design the simplest Converse shoe possible,” he explained. “I see it as a perfect round white pearl.”

see his website here

November 16, 2009


'In 500 years a can will still be a can'
-Papaya Farms reminding us to recycle

Vogue December Art Issue

Grace Coddington and Annie Leibovitz are like two peas in a pod as they work together to produce a stunning Art Issue for December's Vogue. Using Coddington's amazing talent for magically elaborate fairytale photoshoots and Leibovitz's enduring portraiture work the two have delivered great work.

November 15, 2009

The Street Walker

Yael Sloma, her work can be found in the latest edition of Picnic Magazine, is going straight to the streets to see whats going on in the fashion world. I love these stunning shoes she found at the Lanvin Show and Paris Fashion Week featured in Picnic. To see more of her work: check out her blog .


SUDDENLY, THE moon looks exciting again. Experts have long suspected there was water on the moon. Confirmation came from data churned up by two Nasa spacecraft that intentionally slammed into a lunar crater last month.

“Indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit. We found a significant amount,” said Anthony Colaprete, the principal investigator for Nasa’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, holding up a white water bucket for emphasis.

The lunar crash kicked up at least 95 liters (25 gallons) and that’s only what scientists could see from the plumes of the impact, Colaprete said. Some space policy experts say that makes the moon attractive for exploration again. Having an abundance of water would make it easier to set up a base camp for astronauts, supplying drinking water and a key ingredient for rocket fuel.

November 14, 2009


Just watched this movie.... Hitchcock classic

November 13, 2009

Tap Dancing

Today I saw a tap dancer on nachalat benyamin. It was such a great performance... reminded me of this Gene Kelly scene from An American in Paris:

November 12, 2009

I thought this dress was so beautiful. It's so soft and feminine

Leaf Boots (another successful shoe by Chloe)

Inspirations from Sea of Shoes

Jigga What?

Thank you to yahoo.answers

Resolved Question:
How much is a jigger of vodka compared in ounces?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
1 and a half ounces

Sea of Shoes

Check out 17-year-old Jane Aldridge’s blog, Sea Of Shoes. The young Dallas suburbanite has a devotion to avant-garde footwear and designer vintage that rivals many a front-row veteran. Along with her mom—a former model—Aldridge chronicles her daily inspirations, eyebrow-raising outfits, and informed opinions on designer collections. With her blog taking off, she has even branched out a line of footwear at Urban Outfitters)

I hate to admit I lover her fur poncho with the hand painted flowers on the side.. and the Martin Margiela sandal boots (it brings together sandals and leg warmers into one functional boot - cant beat that. PLus who can't appreciate such a shoe wall.

It reminds me of Made In Berlin.


Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street <3

November 10, 2009

Bee Active

Our favorite, Fortnum and Mason, London's food emporium, has now taken to saving the bees! Yes that's right, F&M has taken the vanishing bee problem into their own hands and is doing their part to support bee colonization. On the roof of the F&M building Steve Benbow, hired bee-keeper, has established hives in order to encourage bees to make a sweet treat for F&M consumers... pure honey. Other London companies have joined in the efforts by also establishing their own hives.

Lu Flux

Style Will Save Us magazine was given the oppurtunity to take a break with London fashion designer Lu Flux on her line. Lu Flux uses her colletion of salvaged vintage fabrics recreated into young and fresh designs plugging into our favorite trend - green. Her love for fashion and textiles has led to her unique looks as she uses organic fabrics and modern trends.

Check out her line at

Check out her interview at

November 9, 2009


This month W goes inside the life of Ingmar Bergman, taking a personal look at his home in Faro. Bergman, recognized as one of the most influential film-artists deals with themes such as bleakness and despair, as well as comedy and hope, in his cinematic exploration of the human condition. One of my personal favorites: Persona.

Touching the Void

Although this trailer is extremely blockbuster the story is truly extraordinary. Touching the Void, origianlly a book by Joe Simon (one of the two climbers of this event), was made into a documentary a few years ago.

Obama Weather

Why follow the weather online when you can follow obama-weather online?!

November 7, 2009

Steamy Baby

Reasons to use the steam room:

# relief from muscle tension and stiff joints, relaxation

# boosting the immune system

# lymph detoxification

# blood circulation improvement

# sinus congestion relief

November 4, 2009

Cheers to Winter 09/10

Drink of the Season: Mulled Wine


* 2 bottles dry red wine
* 4 ounces brandy
* 6 whole cloves
* 4 cinnamon sticks
* 1 large orange, zested
* Sprinkle of nutmeg


Combine ingredients in a large pot and bring to a simmer. Do not allow mixture to boil. Heat for 20 minutes and serve in a large, heat resistant punch bowl

where to put em...

As winter (or the colder season) is approaching I am looking for a coat rack... Something antique-e/rich colored wood would be great in our entry way. MMM... keep your eyes out for me and shuk hapishpishim here I come.

new step in luxury yachting

Unbelievable...??? Does this even count as a yacht?

November 3, 2009

breathe responsibly

Drink responsibly has taken a new turn... breathe responsibly?

yes, that's right. At Architecture Bar in central London the air smells like gin and tonic... and makes you feel like gin and tonic. The bar which looks like the inside of a GT, with straws and limes, is enveloped in a mist of alcohol and it takes just 40 minutes in the bar to give you that oh so jolly feeling. bar goers don special protective suits as they enter the walk-in cocktail to avoid smelling like a brewery. It's just 5 pounds for an hour slot inside the bar.

November 1, 2009

Take your best shot....

The World Photography Awards, by Sony, are going on right now. Start taking those pictures.. entries are accepted until January 4, 2010. You can enter into the professional, amatuer, or student categories. As one of the largest photographic events existing today, The Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA), reach far beyond an awards programme for the still image. The SWPA is a convergence of festival events, focused photographic agendas, exhibitions, awards schemes, student programmes and an industry-led gala evening ceremony which marks the pinnacle of the week-long event in April 2009. This event has no borders and is crossing international lines to bring together amazing photographs, photographers and storytelling all in one. Check out some of the winning photographs from past years, read about the different categories and agendas of the contest and of course... enter your own images.