June 28, 2009

June 27, 2009

RIP Kodachrome 1935-2009

I am sure plenty of us know the heart wrenching news about the discontinuation of polaroid film. Now we can add more film types to that list. It is sad to report that kodachrome film has been... yes... put to rest. The color and quality of this film was outstanding. Because it required a different developing process, Kodachrome had a more stable and long-lasting lifespan under ordinary conditions which is superior to other types of color film. The image accuracy, color and density on Kodachrome slides is what makes the film on the list of A-quality films. You most familiarly know this film from Sharbat Gula's portrait "Afghan Girl"by Steve McCurry on the June 1985 cover of National Geographic.
Here are some other examples of this unbelievable film quality by renowned photographer Steve McCurry.

June 22, 2009

“Get A Room, Make a Show”

Welcome to Reno, Nevada home of... NadaDada Motel where once a year the motel invites artists to 'get a room and make a show'. For $150 dollars a week, NadaDada invites artists to rent a room and create it into whatever they can dream up. Each room is transformed into an art gallery and show space. Visitors come all week long for special events and to see just what artists have in store for them this year. The show ran for a week, with their 3rd annual event ending the 21st, paying homage to Reno’s unsung motel heritage. It celebrates the spirit of establishments like the Ho-Hum, the Hi-Ho, the 777 and the Sandman.
If you were lucky enough to see this scene you may have encountered room 218, where one performance artist, designed a room filled with an enormous dress, made of 150 yards of flowing white fabric, that her fiancé, stapled to the room’s baseboards. Covered in white makeup and draped in the sprawling garment, she stood in the room, unable to move since her dress was fixed to the walls. She said her work, “Sugar Room,” was meant to be a metaphor for prostitution and trapped women.

Or maybe you would have entered other rooms to witness statements on Global Warming, Bees and Bibles, or many other interesting subjects being displayed and defined in their own unique fashions.

June 21, 2009

Cannes In a Van

Three guys who found a creative way to support independent-cinema. They screen tons of short films and bring their selection (via van) to the Cannes Festival. They air the films outside straight from a projector/screen in the van. Don't worry, these guys aren't just thinking about the arts, they are concerned about the environment also which is why they convereted their van to run on vegetable oil.

You can submit your own films, watch others, or go on and learn more about CANNES in a Van


June 20, 2009

Big Project, Big Message

Chris Jordan, former corporate attorney turned photographic artist, using photoshop to make not just huge pieces (ranging sizes 60-80", to 80-120") but huge statements as well.
Here he has created six 10x23 feet vertical panels. It depicts 2.3 million folded prison uniforms, equal to the number of Americans incarcerated in 2005. The U.S. has the largest prison population of any country in the world.
Barbie Dolls, 2008
60x80" Depicts 32,000 Barbies, equal to the number of elective breast augmentation surgeries performed monthly in the US in 2006.
See more from his latest collection, Running the Numbers: An American Portrait

June 18, 2009

944 Magazine

Who doesn't love a good magazine. 944 is a great fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazine. It's distributed around the west coast in Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and now in Miami, plus you can expect to see it in New York by the end of this year. It used to be distributed for free but I guess they have moved up in the world. It's a really fantastic magazine and nothing is better than getting to know your local scene.

Check it out:

Ninja Obama

This is why I absolutely love youtube. It's amazing we can watch events like this - haha.

June 17, 2009

Jimmy Choo coming to H&M

This autumn, British accessory brand Jimmy Choo will bring its international glamour and covetable shoes and bags to selected H&M stores. The collection will be available from November 14 in around 200 stores across the world. It is the first time that H&M is collaborating with an accessories brand, and to celebrate Jimmy Choo will extend its design vision for this collection to women’s clothing to complement the accessories.

Don't forget Israel will be shopping at H&M by next year.

June 13, 2009


A short-film by animation artists, Blu, painted on the public walls of Buenos Aires.

Check out their website for more of their work... some really crazy stuff, but it's a great website.

June 12, 2009


Stanley Kubrick's (also known for A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, & Eyes Wide Shut) 1962 film adaptation of the infamous Peter Ustinov novel Lolita.  An extremely controversial novel turned into a very sarcastic and entertaining movie.  The first half is extremely witty and really great, the second half is a little more dark driven.  Since it is such a classic you must see this movie, but go for this version and not Adrian Lyne's movie done in 1997.   It's really a classic!

June 7, 2009

Girls Party!

Great idea for everyone....

Its a clothing exchange party.  You know how you have so many of those clothes in your closet that are cute/nice/new/whatever but you just never wear it and you can't get yourself to get rid of it.  PERFECT! Throw a party with your girl friends (the more the merrier) and have everyone bring all their clothes they want to exchange.  Plenty of food and wine is always a must.  It's a lot of fun we had our first one last season and with the summer here, it's time for another.  Its  a great way to recycle your closet.  


These girls are a  great duo...  Two dutch girls driven by their  love of art fashion and culture, they teamed up and are taking over the scene.  They just spent the last few weeks in Los Angeles working on a video clip and photo shoot of Amy Winehouse.  Keep tabs on them at www.petrovskyramone.com

Video Killed the Radio Star, but Reality TV Killed the Music

Don't we all miss the days of quality music videos non-stop playing on mtv... taken over now by reality shows like Flavor of Love (sorry aida)
Some brilliant kids from Berlin came up with an idea... creating their own network that plays only music videos 24/7..... online.   
The problem... it only broadcasts in Germany. (enjoy)
Someone needs to get on this idea and make it global.

June 2, 2009

Sally Mann

American photographer best known for her black and white photos of her children.