January 8, 2011

Susanna Lau

I've always given respect to the stunning interviews done on SHOWstudio.  They really know how to bring out a bit of stye and grace through the camera.  Lucky me this Monday their In Fashion interviewee will be one of my favorites - Susanna Lau 
(known as Sussie Bubble on her blog Style Bubble
Some of her recent posts I loved:
Bringing light to Teddy Girls! Some of my top inspirations from some fearless fashionistas. 
Credits: Ken Russell
Her ode to the upcoming postcard prints we have to look forward to.
In my opinion they are ridiculously wonderful.  
Pauline Borca

Her love for Tsumori Chisato's mixed prints, folksy patchwork, and innovative collections.
And of course, her unwavering sense of style...