April 18, 2010

Coachella gtes TRASHed!!

Its amazing all my friends who made it to Coachella!!! Im sad to not be able to go but I am sure it was madness and everyone enjoyed! Tell me stories! Send me pictures!

Global Inheritance is a non-profit group that essentially proposed the idea of having recycling bin art at Coachella. It was so successful it's first year, that they brought out nearly 110 bins the next year. Festivals used to not have recycling programs, and Eric wanted to create an awareness amongst the festival-goers, so they could start to have the mind set to recycle and not just throw away all the cans and bottles that are consumed at an event like Coachella. Eric Ritz really wants to get people's attention with the art bins. " It's just about getting people to take notice and get into the habit of recycling. Art’s a great medium because it inspires, like music, and it inspires lots of people. I think visually people get excited about what's happening.