January 16, 2010

Strike one up...

Matches. Oh the style of matches. Ditch the bic (lighters that is) and start bringing back the class of that little matchbox.

I love these

**Redheads Matches** Yes, the humble box of Australian redheads matches. The "Redheads" logo was created in 1946 and first used on matchbox packaging in 1947. The logo depicts the head and shoulder of a redheaded woman and has had four major makeovers since that time with a number of collectors series also produced. I think it would be a sad day if we lost our iconic redhead to a generic no name label.

While on the subject of matchbox design, you really should have a look at this flickr page with the most beautiful collection of 1950s and 60s Eastern European matchbox designs (featured above). You can also read more about them here.