December 6, 2009


In search of a lbd.....

History of the little black dress:
Introduced by Chanel in 1926 (to be an affordable and versatile classic cocktail attire) Known as "Chanel's Ford Model T"
Because of it's affordability, the little black dress was the perfect elegant item through the Great Depression.
Hollywood continued the classic cut dress (shortening it a bit) as an elegant look for the dangerous woman in contrast to housewives in the movies.
By the 1960s actresses like icon-Audrey Hepburn donned Givenchy's lbd.
Since then it has been a staple in woman's closets running though the ages of hippies to grunge...

These days its still an essential to every woman's wardrobe and has even been making its debut in the funeral-fashion world? Yes, that is rightl. Funerals have become the new scene to show off your lbd.