October 16, 2009


It seens the unlikely duo David Arquette and Ben Harper have teamed up with designer David Bedwell to take on fashion.

Their line, Propr, create a clothing line, propr, which, as its name would suggest, is designed to properly fit a variety of ages. It reflets a relaxed, country style of clothing all made out of organic materials. They're vision is to produce a line that's good for the environment; they've even opted out of shirt tags and giving paper receipts in their California boutique. You can find the clothes also online, at Fred Segal and Bloomingdales.

Inspiration for the clothing??
Love. According to Arquette, "propr is dedicated to building a clothing line that people love. We want you to discover us, our fit, our fabric, our feel. We want you to find individual pieces that connect with you on a personal level" and that "help you feel more comfortable within your own skin."