October 2, 2009

F MY LIFE!!!!!!

Had a bad day? Feeling shitty? Need to get somehting off your chest?? Perfect, that's why you have FMyLIfe.com.

Tagline: Have the guts to spill the beans

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Here's a taste...

"Today, I talked to a girl on the phone who had previously told me her last relationship "ended very badly." I said, "So let me guess, that jerk cheated on you?" She paused for a few moments and finally replied, "No, he died in a motorcycle accident." FML"

"Today, I joined a small disaster relief group. I remarked to the big, long-haired person beside me that it was surprising that I was the only female in the group. I got a cold stare. Later I asked another volunteer about that person. He answered, "Oh, her? She's my sister." FML"