October 19, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival??

After being hit by a bus on his bike in NYC, Brendt Barbur was struck with the idea to create a festival for bikes. Through art, music and film Barbur celebrated bicycles. Now in its 9th year, and held in 39 different cities around the world, the BFF (Bicycle Film Festival) is expecting 250,000 to celebrate with Barbur.

The Bicycle Film Festival celebrates the bicycle in all forms and styles. If you can name it - Tall Bike Jousting, Track Bikes, BMX, Alleycats, Critical Mass, Bike Polo, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking Recumbents. The festialm is all about having and making fun.

What better way to celebrate a bicycle lifestyles than through art, film, music and performance?

You can join this crazy adventure in: Memphis • New York • Philadelphia • Pittsburgh • Minneapolis • Richmond • San Francisco • Detroit • Oakland • Portland • Austin • Chicago • Montreal • Boulder • Toronto • Orlando • LA • Milwaukee • San Diego • Zurich • Seattle • Lisbon • Vienna • Houston • Salt Lake City • London • Copenhagen • Milano • Paris • Denver • Sydney • Tokyo • Melbourne • Miami • Boston • New Orleans • D.C.